How to make your event more eco-friendly

We’ve all hosted an event and then had to spend ages cleaning up and throwing loads of plastic waste into a bin bag feeling ever guilty. Now, imagine cleaning up without any waste at all? we are going to share our top tips for creating a plastic free event, just by changing a few things you can really reduce your waste, plus you can save money at the same time!

Ethical plastic free catering bristol


Even with paper straws being the norm, you’re still chucking them away and many still end up in landfill or worse yet, the ocean. Have a quick search on the internet for metal straws – these can be reused and once you’ve bought a set you’ll never have to fork out again.


This one’s easy, buy reusable proper cloth napkins. You can even buy some decent linen and make your own. They look SO much better than paper napkins (you always know you’re in a classy joint when they have proper napkins) and can be used over and over again.  Most craft shops will sell fabric and even some department stores, you can buy loads of colours and designs.


There are plenty of hire companies if you need a job lot of cutlery. Or you can ask people to bring their own set which will reduce your washing up! If you did want to go down the disposable route there are so many options rather than plastic. Such as bamboo, wood, starch, paper and loads of other alternatives are all out there – it just takes a bit more planning.


Balloons are a massive pet hate of ours. They are literally the most pointless invention, who wants a plastic sack of your breath anyway? Ditch the balloons, make some lovely paper decorations and forget about balloons. If you don’t have time to make your own check out The Original Party Bag Company for some lovely paper balloons that look amazing and aren’t as bad for the environment.


Communicating with your guests is key. Ask guests to not bring plastic to your party, and let people know that you’re trying to reduce your waste. Everyone loves a challenge and everyone is well aware of the detrimental effect all this plastic waste is having on our environment. Its not unreasonable to ask your guests to not bring unnecessary waste to your party for example gifts can be wrapped in paper and tied with natural string, let people get creative!


The food and drink industry is responsible for a great deal of the plastic waste we find littering our planet. Just take a look next time you go to the beach, how many plastic drinks bottles or chocolate wrappers can you spot bobbing in the ocean? Sourcing ethical caterers is a step you can take that will help the impact this industry is having on the environment. As we don’t use anything that comes in plastic we are, little by little, reducing the demand for it. If there is no demand, there will be no supply. Contact us to find out how you can enjoy catering with a clean conscience.

Ditching the throwaways is the biggest part of going plastic free. We’ve all done it – been in a rush and run into the supermarket and grabbed a pack of plastic cutlery, a pack of napkins wrapped in plastic and even a box of plastic straws before a party. But you really can make a difference.

If you have any more tips comment below – we are always looking for inspiration!

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