How you can go Plastic Free

Are you thinking of adopting a more plastic free life? We’ve got loads of great tips and ideas to share – going plastic free might not be as hard as you think! Here are some of our top tips that are a great starting point.

Shop Local

As well as supporting local businesses shopping local can make a huge difference in the fight against single-use plastic. Local greengrocers are a great place to start – you can buy almost anything here without packaging, plus if you can’t see what you want you can always ask if they can stock it for you!

As well as greengrocers there are also loads of local fishmongers, butchers, and delicatessens that on the most part would be happy to ditch the plastic and allow you to bring your own reusable packaging. We are so lucky in Bristol to have such an abundance of such lovely places.  My go to places are Better Food and Scoopaway where you can weigh out your own bits to take home, they also both have a pretty good range of plastic free products.


This is the hardest one.  How do you buy dairy plastic free? Whether your trying to buy a pint of milk of a pack of yoghurts it can be pretty tricky. I use Milk and More who deliver milk in proper glass bottles and also stock River Cottage yoghurts in glass jars (delicious if a little pricey!). They also stock juices in glass bottles. For cheese I try and use local deli’s – try Licata in Montpelier, The Bristol Cheesemonger or even the cheese counter at your local supermarket! When shopping at Better Food recently I also noticed they are installing a pour-yourself milk machine so you can bring your own glass bottles to fill up – hopefully, this will be up and running soon.

Dairy Alternatives

It is pretty difficult to find dairy alternatives without plastic. When it comes to milk alternatives its pretty impossible to find anything plastic free. Luckily making your own is pretty simple, and in most cases won’t break the budget! Check out A Virtual Vegan for some recipes, there is a great vegan cream cheese recipe on there as well as a pretty simple and budget-friendly oat milk recipe.

Household and Beauty

This is a tricky one when considering going plastic free, and most of the alternatives are considerably more expensive than their plastic counterparts. Try Lush for shampoo bars and soaps, they have a good range and its all cruelty-free (not all vegan though – so do check) which is a huge bonus. Better food also stock a few household products such as washing up liquid and laundry detergent, just make sure you take a container with you.

Let us know if you have any tips for going plastic free that we haven’t included, got any go shops or handy tips? Drop us a message or a comment, we’d love to hear about it!

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